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Craig RamsayFitness Expert


Brandon LiberatiCelebrity Hairstylist/Beauty Expert

Bringing You Beauty & Health
... and everything else Fabulous in life!

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Manager: Russell Stuart Email:
Agent: Agent: Dustin Parker APA-Agency Email: Assistant for personal training or to host your own Stretch: A Reason to Wine Class— Email: Cristal Coombe

Craig Ramsay (Fitness expert) and Brandon Liberati (celebrity hairstylist/beauty expert) together make up the fitness and beauty duo “Fit and Phab”, a one stop beauty body shop who’s list of clients include many well known celebrities.

As Seen on Bravo!

Workout's a Drag 80's fitness fun with 2016 effective genius fitness programming that WERKS!

Brandon Liberati's Beauty Muse-ic
Brandon's Beauty Muse-ic will take you on a creative journey to conceive and manifest your look while pacing you as it paves the way of the Beautifying experience. Never be late again... just fashionable!

Brandon Liberati's Beauty Music


Stretch: A Reason to Wine starts off with silky stretches and silky wines and moves toward more bold full body movements paired with bold full body red wines. There's no reason not to wine with friends when Craig makes stretching so entertaining. Let the body and wine flow! Contact Craig to help you host this spectacular event for you and your friends.